RDS is proud to offer one of the broadest lines of rocket kits in the industry. They are all constructed with our exclusive ShockWave Tubing. ShockWave tubing is specially engineered to absorb epoxy coatings to deliver the maximum bonding strength of fiberglass and composite reinforcement. The ShockWave tubing becomes part of the composite structure, providing the strongest possible airframe while still remaining flexible. ShockWave tubing requires NO SANDING to prepare for painting or compositing! There is no glassine layer to peel off or sand away. Have you ever reinforced a rocket's coupler tubing only to have to sand off all of the reinforcement just to get the couplers to fit into the airframe? Our couplers are specially made to fit loosely, that way they can be reinforced with epoxy, fiberglass, or carbon fiber and still fit into the airframe. We use aircraft quality laser cut baltic birch for all of our fins, bulkheads and centering rings and unlike almost all other kit manufacturers, our fins are precision pre-beveled! All components are available as replacement. Want a bigger motor mount for use with your favorite hybrid motor? We welcome orders for customized kits.

In order to fly most of these rockets, you will need to be certified. Certifications can be obtained through the National Association of Rocketry, Tripoli Rocketry Association, and the Canadian Association of Rocketry. Be sure to find and join a local club; it's the best resource that a beginning rocketeer can have. You can learn more about High Power Rocketry at places like FlyRockets.com and Rocketry Online. Also be sure to keep up to date on the latest in High Power Rocketry by reading High Power Rocketry magazine and Extreme Rocketry magazine.

The kits below are grouped by size and certification level. See the motor recommendation listed on the detail page of each kit.

Mid-Power: E, F, and G motors (certification not required)

Level 1: H, and I motors (Level 1 certification required)

Level 2: J, and K motors (Level 2 certification required)

Level 3: L, M, N, O and beyond (Level 3 certification required)

Since Rocket Dynamic Systems (RDS) cannot control the use or construction of the product once sold, RDS cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the use or misuse of the product.  The buyer assumes all risks and liabilities and accepts and uses RDS product on these conditions.

2.56" Kits Mid-Power to Level 1

Star Scooter ]

Star Dust ]

Shooting Star ]

Star Quest ]

3" Kits Level 1 through Level 2

Vega ]

Thunder Bolt ]


Pulsar ]

3.9" Kits Level 1 through Level 2

Moon Raker.jpg (38609 bytes)

Moon Raker ]

Aries ]

Quasar ]

Orion ]

5.5" Kits Level 2 through Level 3

North Star ]

North Star 
Two Stage

Nova Star ]


Great Scot ]

7.5" Kits Level 2 through Level 3


Centaurus ]

Hercules ]

Nebulous ]

MAXIMUM THRUST LINE 9.25" Kits Level 3 Plus!


[ Army Hawk ]

[ Bullpup ]

[ D-Region


[ Mach III ]

[ Patriot ]

[ Phoenix ]

[ Thunderbird ]


[ 9.25 V-2 ]





[ 11.5 V-2 ]





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